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Have you been interested in an unusual bike for a long time? Can you imagine biking around on a three wheel or two wheel recumbent bike or a velomobile? Then you have come to the right place! Bike Revolution specialises in recumbent bikes, three wheelers and unique bikes in Austria and the whole world.

Our Customtrikes, the Steintrikes are extravagant. Because we are one of the few Liegeradhersteller which manufactures its products exclusively in Europe: from the construction, design, welding, powder coating plant of its own to final assembly and sale. This gives you the ability to prepare your recumbent trike to your wishes

Our Steintrikes

The Carver Trike: Wild Wave

the special tilting Trike!

The weight of the mounted trike is 19,6 kg, the seat height is 30 cm and the height of the bottom bracket is 43-48 cm.
It can tilt up to 45 °. The front axle has 90 mm suspension travel. If you drive on one side by a pothole, the suspension travel is monstrous and the 18 "front wheel overcomes as in sleep the 30 cm deep holes, as seen here in the film.
Who drives mainly asphalt, you will also float above everything, ala hovercraft and who likes motorcycling with its maximum tilt in curves, who will love the Wild Wave.

Available from July 2014!

Wild Wave

Wild One fx

NEW: Steintrikes with foldable BB section

So fast, so small and absolutely comfortably!

In two seconds the BB section of the Wild One will be fold from 2.00 m to 1.50 m. The main frame division under the seat is preserved furthermore, in addition.
Available from 3/15/2014.

Wild One fx

Assortment enlargement with E Engines:

We have extended our assortment by the Schachner pedalcrank engine MM13 and Ansmann back wheel engine:

- Schachner : The MM 13 is a high-capacity engine which has not only a strong passage, but also in the mountain. Besides, he is robust and poor in servicing.
- Ansmann: Ansmann engine is light, powerful and noiseless.

The Steintrikes brand has revolutionised the recumbent bike market. The designer and constructor, Thomas Seide, and the Production Manager, Viktor Horvatski, launched the Wild One , Mad Max, Mungo, Nomad, Roadshark/Alien bikes and the Interceptor , Thunderstorm und Leitra Avancee velomobiles. These bikes are extravagant – and not ‘off the peg‘. For we are one of the few manufacturers, who manufacture their products exclusively in Europe: from the engineering, design, welding and our own powder coating equipment right up to the final assembly and sales.

We sell directly from the factory without a distributor. The advantages of this are:
- we can communicate directly with you which enables us to find out exactly what your ideas and wishes are
- we can customize special items
- you do not have to pay a dealer margin
- and we deliver our Steintrikes and velomobiles directly to your home.

The brands in our Shop

As well as our own brand, the Steintrikes , we offer recumbent bikes from renowned European manufacturers, such as HP Velotechnik, Hasebikes Kettwiesel and Pino, Flux and ZoxBikes. Our product range is extremely varied and extends from children’s trikes to carbon racing bikes. Come and test one of our extraordinary trikes or a different special bike. You are bound to be thrilled by your new biking experience!

Hop into the world of recumbent bikes, three wheelers and velomobiles!