Explorer Sport

A wonderful trike ..

The Explorer is available in several designs:
Version 1: Explorer Sport: 18 inch front wheels, 26 inch rear wheel
Version 2: Explorer: 20 inch front wheel, 26 inch rear wheel

This fantastic trike has 80mm spring extension on all three wheels and together with a low seat height of 25.5-33cm (depending on the wheel size), offers a narrow track width of 76.5cm, efficient elevated pedal bearings at 22cm, a small frontal area and an extremely smooth run, which tops every unsprung trike.
Now you can ride over uneven curbs at high speed even with narrow racing tyres.
A light, low-rider pannier rack for 2 large panniers (approx. 60 litre maximum stowage volume) can be fitted so you can take luggage with you. The luggage sits right at the front (as is customary with the Steins), so that the trike can still reach a high cornering speed fully loaded.

To maintain the main frame geometry for all variations, the rear shock absorber can be installed in different positions.

Apart from the superior comfort, the Explorer Sport offers the same high cornering speed as the Mungo Sport. With its Dragster look with its 18 inch front wheels and 26 inch rear wheel, it even looks fast whilst standing still. Coupled with our good steering geometry, you will notice a small turning circle here as well – only 3.45m (edge-edge).

Choose from various equipment options.

Options for equipment:

Gears from 24 Gg until 81 Gg with Sram Dual Drive and bar end shifter
Carrier: Lowrider Carrier for 2 bags, Specialcarrier for 4 bags
Mudguards: SKS or Aeromudguards
Lights Dynamolight B&M with parking light, SON Hub Dynamo with LED Frontlight 60 Lux
Pedals: SPD Pedals, magnetic pedals
Miscellaneous - Review mirror
- Sigma Speedometer
- Parkbrake
- E-Motor

Picture Explorer Sport

Equipment: 27 Gg, bar end shifter, Lowrider carrier Equipment: Sram Dual Drive 27 Gg, Lowrider Equipment: wheels covers, head rest, mudguards


Compared with the Explorer Sport, the Explorer has a higher ground clearance. This is because we have fitted the Explorer with 20 inch wheels at the front.

Picture Explorer

Equipment: Sram Dual Drive 81 Gg with Dura Ace bar end shifter, mudguards, lowrider carrier his ground clearance is ideal for driving in the country With its genius turning circle the Explorer is very agile

Technical Details

  Explorer Explorer Sport
Foldable: BB section BB section
Frame: ST 52, BB Section and handlebar: Alu ST 52, BB Section and handlebar: Alu
Wheels: v=20 inches, h=26 inches v=18 inches, h=26 inches
Seat angle: 26 ° - 40 ° 26° - 40 °
Track width: 76,5 cm 76,5 cm
Width: 82 cm 82 cm
Length: 2,13 m - 2,33 m 2,13 m - 2,33 m
seat height: 31 cm-33 cm 25,5 cm-27 cm
pedal axle height: 48-53 cm 45 cm-47,5 cm
suspension travel: v=80 mm, h=80 mm v=80 mm, h=80 mm
turning circle: 3,45 m (außen-außen) 3,45 m (außen-außen)
brake: mech. disk brake Avid BB7 mech. disk brake Avid BB7
circuit: Shimano Deore 24 Gg. with Shimano Gripshift (optional von 24-81 Gg.with bar end shifter) Shimano Deore 24 Gg. with Shimano Gripshift (optional von 24-81 Gg.with bar end shifter)
useful load: 160 kg 160 kg
load of special carrier: 30 kg 30 kg
weight: ab 19,5 kg ab 19,2 kg